29 July 2015

The Clangers in Clay: Froglet

As the end of the month nears, finally we've come to the last post in my series of Clangers craft tutorials - I hope you've enjoyed them. I've left one of the best for last, as I've always found the Froglets really cute!

Over the course of July I've been showing you all the techniques I used to make my Clangers scene. Please remember that this is an ornament for nostalgic adults or older children - it's not a toy as it has many small and breakable parts. If you did want to make it for a young child's room, I'd recommend gluing the pieces together and mounting the scene in a box frame which could hang on the wall.
Here's what you need to make a Froglet (or why not make three!)
  • Black and orange clay (e.g. Fimo or Sculpey)
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Black paint

1. Make a piece of orange clay into a flattened egg shape.
2. Use a pen lid to make a semicircular marking as a smile.
3. Make two holes in the bottom using a cocktail stick.
4. Make two small balls of black clay, and flatten them. Make them slightly narrower at one side, and make an indentation with a cocktail stick at this side.

5. Make two small balls of orange clay.
6. Flatten two tiny pieces of black clay, and use a craft knife to cut slits into one side.
7. Place the black eyelash pieces on top of the froglet's head, and add the orange balls on top.

8. Bake!
9. Cut two lengths of cocktail stick and paint them black.
10. Glue the black foot pieces to the cocktails sticks, then glue them into the holes at the bottom of the froglet's body.

11. If you like, varnish the froglet for a glossy look.

And here's a roundup of all the other projects in the series! I've really had fun with this, thinking of which items I wanted to make, and working out how I could make them. I have to admit that the scale is a bit off on some of them, with the container of blue string pudding, for example, being far too large to fit down the craters, but I hope that adds to the charm of it!

1. Clangers' planet

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