25 July 2015

The Clangers in Clay: Blue string pudding

I showed you how to make a tankard of soup for the Clangers earlier this week, and now it's time for the other part of the staple diet of the Clangers - blue string pudding!

Over the course of July I'm showing you all the techniques I used to make my Clangers scene. Please remember that this is an ornament for nostalgic adults or older children - it's not a toy as it has many small and breakable parts. If you did want to make it for a young child's room, I'd recommend gluing the pieces together and mounting the scene in a box frame which could hang on the wall.

You'll need polymer clay (e.g Fimo or Sculpey) in:
  • Silver
  • White
  • Blue
  • Gold or copper

1. Roll out a long piece of silver clay and a also a disc shape.

2. Use a lid to cut a neater circle from the disc, and use a craft knife to neaten up the edges of the strip of clay.

3. Cover the lid with a strip of paper.

4. Place the strip of clay around the paper, and trim the ends.

5. Place some small balls of gold clay at the join, and press them down with a ball tool.

6. Remove the lid from the middle, and bake.

7. Place a thin snake of clay around the join between the base and sides, and smooth it out.

8. Mix together white and blue clays, but don't mix them completely. 

9. Roll out long thin snakes of the blue and white mix, and place these in the silver pot.

10. Make two thin snakes of silver clay, and attach these as handles. Add dots of gold clay where they join the pot.

11. Add a length of cocktail stick as a wooden spoon.

I think I made rather too big a pot of blue string pudding! Tiny Clanger looks rather daunted by it, and the Soup Dragon is eyeing it up!

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