22 July 2015

The Clangers in Clay: Soup tankard

Welcome to the latest part of my series on how to make the Clangers and friends! Today I'm providing them with some sustenance in the form of soup, which, as you should know, is one of the main things eaten by the Clangers!

Over the course of July I'm showing you all the techniques I used to make my Clangers scene. Please remember that this is an ornament for nostalgic adults or older children - it's not a toy as it has many small and breakable parts. If you did want to make it for a young child's room, I'd recommend gluing the pieces together and mounting the scene in a box frame which could hang on the wall.

You'll need polymer clay (e.g. Fimo or Sculpey) in:
  • Gold
  • Green
1. Make a rough shape from gold clay.

2. Use a brush handle or pen lid to make a circular indentation.

3. Make thin snakes of gold clay, and place around the top and bottom, and at the side as a handle.

4. Mix a few colours of green clay, and place this in the top. Add some drips of clay at the edges.

5. Bake.

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