30 December 2017

This month on emuse

At the start of this month I returned to blogging after taking a month off when I had my hysterectomy.
One of the things I did when I was off was some drawing with my Copic marker pens:
I also joined the world of bullet journals! I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm mainly using it for long-term lists and records, rather than daily or monthly plans.

Another way that I filled my time was working on my crochet blanket. This was a great way to relax in front of the TV. Which I did a lot of!
I talked about my obsession with buying things with faces, and I also decorated some pots with faces!

I haven't had a chance get out and do a lot of shopping, but I have been doing a bit of pin shopping online, some thrifting, and updated my look for winter with some new hats! And, of course, a bit of Christmas shopping.

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