31 December 2017

This year on emuse

This year was a big one for emuse, because back in February it was the 10th anniversary of starting the blog, and I thought of lots of ways of celebrating including a big wall-art display and self portraits, various craft projects, gifts to myself, sending postcards, a video tour, a day out, and lots of celebratory blog posts.
In September I collaborated with my friend Chrissie @storiesfromthesummerhouse and we held a hashtag challenge on Instagram, called #happyseptemberhappyme. This was a way of celebrating the little things that make you happy in life, and it was a great success!
As well as meeting Chrissie for the first time at the Edinburgh Blogger Conference, I've met some other bloggers and Instagrammers this year: There was @holliewemyss, who I also met at the blogger conference, Emily @franklymsshankly, who I chatted to after she'd taken part in the Grassmarket Vintage Weekend fashion show, Helen of @jollygoodstudio who I bumped into in a charity shop, Elizabeth of @fayreearth who recognised me in the shop, and @bluebellebombshell who recognised me in my local Asda!
Other big things that have happened this year have included my primary school's 40th anniversary, getting a new car, redecorating my living room, the closure of my local library, getting my Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, and having a hysterectomy.

I went to the Edinburgh Blogger Conference, to my first Comic Con here in Glenrothes, and to the Meadows Festival. I explored Backhouse Rossie garden and Dr Neil's Garden, as well as the glasshouses at the botanic garden in Edinburgh, and the butterfly exhibit at St Andrews Botanic Garden. I went to Aberdour. And I've taken lots of photos on numerous trips to Falkland and Edinburgh, and started a little project to photograph interesting doors.
I subscribed to The Simple Things magazine at the start of the year, and it's one of the best things I've done. It's a lovely surprise when it drops on the doormat each month, and it usually arrives on a Saturday when I've got time to relax and enjoy it. I thank Past Emma for the kind gift, and I'm giving the same gift to Future Emma!
Craft-wise I've been working on a crochet blanket which is nearing completion, I won a prize in a card design competition at college, I've been buying a lot of Copic markers and learning to use them, and I've started a bullet journal!

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Juju said...

Wow you've had a year! You should be proud of what you have achieved.

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