15 December 2017

Crochet blanket

I put in quite a bit of work on my crochet blanket over the time I was off work. It's the perfect way of relaxing in front of the TV, which I did quite a lot of. When I was staying at Mum and Dad's house, Mum was often knitting, so it felt natural to be doing my crochet at the same time. When I got back to my own house I had to remind myself to do some each day!

When I went into hospital, I had just finished all the coloured circles, so all I needed to use after that was white wool. It took me just over a week to do the first row of white around all 180 circles, taking them from circles to squirkles, as I call them, on the way to finally becoming squares. 

It's been taking a bit longer than that to do the second rows, but I'm making sure that I do at least 5 a day. That way maybe they will be finished by the time the Christmas holidays start, and I'll be ready to start joining them together!

1 comment:

Juju said...

I wouldn't have the patience to do this! Good on you.

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