23 September 2015

Emma's little box of calm

I knew that the first few weeks of term were going to be really busy at work, so I made up this box of calming items to help me relax!
I took a shoe box, and filled it with small items that would be good stress-busters, including:

The Mindfulness Colouring Book and some coloured pencils
A crochet kit from Mollie Makes
Some relaxing CDs
A box of Zen Again tea bags
Aveda Stress-Fix lotion
A favourite lip balm
A solid perfume
Some sweets
Semi-precious stones and beads
Tisserand De-Stress roller ball
Bach Rescue Remedy spray
4-head headache stick
Some bubble wrap
A lavender bag
Small books of poetry and haikus
It's a good idea to think of the different senses when making up a box like this, for example:
Taste: Tea, sweets
Smell: Lavender bag, perfume or essential oils
Touch: Hand cream, worry beads
Hearing: CDs
Sight: Photos

Also think of activities, such as colouring-in or crocheting.

I hope this gives some ideas of what you could put in your own box of calm!

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