18 September 2015

Japan photo display

When I was thinking of ideas of calming things to have on my desk during a busy time at work, I realised that I needed to create the atmosphere of calm I feel the moment I walk into a Japanese shrine or temple. So what better way to do that than using my photos of Japan!

I hadn't got round to getting any photos printed from my second trip to Japan (apart from an album I had printed). So this was the perfect opportunity to go through my Kyoto photos and choose some that I'd like to print. I chose those photos that made me feel most calm when looking at them. Once the photos were printed, I displayed them on a tiny easel. I change the photo at least once a day.
Another thing I did was to use my photos from Kyoto as wallpaper on my computer, changing randomly. I was amazed how many details I spotted in the photos that I hadn't ever noticed before! Even photos that seemed quite ordinary have something within them that catches my eye and makes me smile or say "Wow! I hadn't noticed that!"

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