20 September 2015

Sunday Self Portraits: Rainbow

I took these photos while taking part in Not Dressed as Lamb's I Will Wear What I Like in August. Catherine was inspired to create this challenge after reading an article with a list of all the things you "shouldn't" wear after the age of 30 or 40. You can see everyone's Instagram photos at #iwillwearwhatilike.
One of the things that we "shouldn't" wear at this age is more than 3 colours at a time, so this outfit was my attempt to prove that wrong! I wore blue glasses and cardigan, green t-shirt, yellow pendant, red belt and lipstick, black trousers, and my Rainbow handbag which was a fantastic charity shop find! And earrings in rainbow colours too!
My wonderful teal shed door made a great backdrop as always, and it was a great chance to get a photo of my Asiatic lily - I bought this in a sale for 99p last year and wasn't sure if it would flower again, but it has (despite me giving it no attention or water at all, I just left the pot lying at the bottom of the garden and hoped for the best!).

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