21 September 2015

Clangers books, old and new

I've got a little collection of Clangers books now! I've had the Clangers craft book for a few years, it was a perfectly chosen Christmas present! But the other two Clangers books are recent acquisitions so I thought I would tell you a bit about them.
When the Clangers came back on TV, I looked online for any Clangers related stuff, and found this vintage Clangers annual from the year I was born! I love its retro illustrations, and the introductions to all the characters. I'm a wee bit worried about what's happened to Uncles Copper and Brass Clanger, though, as there's no sign of them in the new series!
This week, I received a brilliant surprise from the Clangers (or, rather, their representatives on Earth!). "The Brilliant Surprise", to be precise! This is a large square softback book, with colour illustrations throughout, which has just been published by Ladybird. It costs £6.99.
Being interested in illustration, that was the first thing that caught my eye about the book. I really loved how the illustrator simplified the knitted texture of the Clangers, using just a few brush strokes.
Now I just have to decide whether Auntie Clanger keeps the new book for her own collection, or passes it on to the the new generation of Clangers fan in the family!
Disclaimer: I received The Brilliant Surprise free for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.

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