16 September 2015

Book review: Calm

I had headed to Urban Outfitters to pick up another book I'd seen there, I can't even remember what it was! But this book, Calm by Michael Acton Smith, caught my eye instead with its bold but simple cover design.

On flicking through it I realised that this book was very interactive. There are lots of pages through the book where you can fill in the highlights of your day. There are pages to draw or write specific things on, and lots of activities to try.

The first page that really caught my interest in the book was the one where you can design your own treehouse. I decided to draw a Japanese-inspired treehouse in an acer tree, with tatami mats and shoji screens. I also used watercolour on this page. It only warped the paper a little, which was good.
Now that I've filled in one page of the book, I can't wait to try more of the activities in it, like pressing flowers, designing my own island, creating a tattoo design, creating doodles around fingerprints, and much more!

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