25 December 2014

Christmas displays

To celebrate Christmas Day, here's a look at some of the Christmas decorations around my home!
Because I have my new porch, it seemed like the perfect place to set up my little Christmas tree. And, because I have the lights on a timer, it welcomes me home every day! On the tree are some wooden ornaments, and also some cloisonne bells that I got in China.
Also in the hall, I've started to use the radiator cover in the same way that other people would use a mantelpiece. So it was a perfect place to set up my sleigh scene! Christmas to me would not be complete without a sleigh scene, complete with pom-pom robins, because it's something we've always had at my parents' house. Theirs has an amazing retro Santa and Rudolph, but I have had to make do with something more modern! Mum made my robins and snowmen (and my stocking), and the other items are things I have picked up over the years.
My bookcase in the living room is home to a Christmas roombox, my collection of nativity scenes, my molecular model tree, some lovely baubles I bought in Austria, and much more.
Also in the living room is my very Scandinavian display, with the ornaments I made from hama beads, and a Dala horse with a woolly coat. The table has a small tray with a candle and some hand-decorated baubles.
The little deer and pipe-cleaner trees are a new addition this year.

Most of these colourful nativity scenes are from Peru.

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