04 December 2008

Molymod Christmas tree

Hmmm... are you detecting a bit of a theme with my posts lately? I'll have to try to think of some other Christmas tree related ideas to keep the theme going!

My new Ikea tree reminded me of the molymod tree I made back when I was at university. Unfortunately I hadn't taken any photos of it, and couldn't remember how I had made it, so I came up with this design which I think must be similar.


Rick said...

Very good - creative. You have quite a variety

littlemithi said...

Yay! Don't we LOVE molymod kits ... mine has seen more action recently then they did when I was actually studying chemistry!


gorgeous new profile photo by the way :)

Emma said...

Hi Mithi - I was wondering when you would spot this! I was reminded of it when I first saw your lettering, and knew then that I would have to make one for Christmas!

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