02 March 2020

Leap Day

After having a Leap Day celebration four years ago, I decided to do it again this year, recording it all in my diary and Moleskine sketchbook!

I started the day with a croissant and marmalade and a cup of coffee, and put on the Skandinavisk candle I got for Christmas, to create a nice atmosphere. Then I got down to the main business of the day - opening the time capsule envelope I'd put together four years ago, and having a Quantum Leap marathon watch.
It was so lovely opening the time capsule and seeing what was in there. I'd managed to forget most of it over the four years, so things were a lovely surprise to me! There was the little origami frog I'd made last Leap Day, cards and letters, car tax discs (they stopped in 2014 but I'd only got round to removing them from the car in 2016) and much more. I especially loved finding the postcard and my last receipt from the Artstore in Glasgow, where I'd just chanced across the final day of the closing down sale - two days before I'd created my time capsule! I've now re-sealed the time capsule with new things inside, and it'll be fun to open it in four years' time.
I'd made a list of 10 Quantum Leap episodes I wanted to watch, including my all-time favourites as well as the Evil Leaper episodes which I had not watched in a very long time. I started off in order with:
2.22 MIA
3.22 Shock Theater
4.01 The Leap Back
4.13 Temptation Eyes
4.22 A Leap for Lisa
I then went a bit out of order for the Season 5 episodes that I watched. The final episode, Mirror Image, is always a bit bittersweet (and it's kinda weird) so I watched that first. Then I watched the three Evil Leaper episodes in order, and finally Killin' Time because it's one of my all-time favourites - especially the bit when Al goes after the escaped convict in the future!
5.22 Mirror Image
5.07 Deliver Us From Evil
5.16 Return of the Evil Leaper
5.17 Revenge of the Evil Leaper
5.05 Killin' Time

For lunch I had bahn mi, my first time eating a baguette after hurting my tooth! And for tea I made something approximating saltimbocca, which means "jump in the mouth" - I thought that would be appropriate for Leap Day! I couldn't get veal, fresh sage or marsala, so I used pork, dried sage and fresh basil, and white wine.

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