13 March 2016

My Leap Day celebration

It’s all because of Marceline (of Asking for Trouble), and her 5 year diary… it has a full page for the 29th February, with the suggestion to do something special! I realised this the day before, so I just had enough time to put together some fun ideas of what to do!
I had that same feeling I have when my birthday is on a work day – how can you make the day special when you are spending most of it at work? Here’s what I came up with for Leap Day!

Leaping photos
I got up early and took photos of me jumping in the garden! But I really need to figure out how to get the focus right on these – I find I can either use the remote or take a burst of photos (using the background to focus on), not both at the same time!

Quantum Leap marathon
What better excuse to watch my favourite TV show ever! It had been many years since I’d watched an episode, and I’ve been meaning to watch some of my favourites for ages. I decided on the five season finales, and had a really enjoyable evening watching them.

Leap Day cocktail
I found a recipe online for a Leap Day cocktail. I was out of Cointreau, so I headed out to buy some, then had the idea to use Blue Curacao instead, so that it would be Quantum Leap themed! I added a curl of lemon zest, and some blueberries.

Quantum Leap inspired nails
I did some blue shiny sparkly nails to go with the Quantum Leap theme too!

Quantum Leap soundtrack
I listened to this in the car on the way to work. It was a surreal experience to listen to the theme tune as I began my day – I felt like my day was going to be a Quantum Leap episode with Sam leaping into my life!

Leap Day family history
I decided to search my family tree for all the events that occurred on a Leap Day, and I found three. I couldn’t figure out how to do the search in my ancient version of Family Tree Maker, so I exported a GEDCOM and opened it in WordPad. I found the deaths of two 3rd great-grandaunts, Margaret Flockhart in 1908 and Elizabeth Young in 1932, a 2nd great-granduncle, Andrew Westie in 1920, and the marriage of a cousin once removed, David Westie Reid Anderson to Jessie Robb Maillie in 1948.

Origami leaping frog
I found various patterns online for making an origami frog, so I decided to make this one from origami paper that I had hand-stamped with my own design.

Leap Day time capsule
Rather than using a box, I chose an envelope for this as it would be easier to store. I will write a note at the back of my diary so I know where I’ve hidden it! I chose lots of items that are relevant to things going on in my life right now – I just hope I remember what the significance of each of them was when I open it next Leap Day! I’m a really nostalgic person, so this is an idea that really appeals to me!

I certainly thought of lots of things to do on Leap Day! Did you get up to anything special?

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