05 March 2020

Bullet journal ideas: Books to read

I recently re-reading the Rei Shimura series by Sujata Massey and I felt a bit bereft when it was over, so I immediately began searching for some other series that have similarities in Asian location or theme to keep me going. After a lot of searching online I came across the Mas Arai books by Naomi Hirahara, a couple of series by Ovidia Yu, Diane Wei Liang’s Mei Wang books, the Perveen Mistry books by Sujata Massey, and some others.
I wanted to keep track of all these books and series that I'd come across, so I created some pages in my bullet journal. I started with the Rei Shimura series itself, checking on Amazon and Wordery when I'd first purchased each of the books.
Opposite this I made a list of other books and series that I'd come across, marking squares to show how many books there were in a series.

Once I started tracking some of the books down on abebooks, I needed a better way to keep track of each series, with the names of each book, so I created a double-page spread to record these.

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