08 March 2020

Wonka bar

When my brother and his family visited recently, I got involved in various crafty activities with my nephews (my niece is too small to be into crafts at the moment!). And I also was given a little commission to make a prop for my older nephew to take to school on World Book Day.
He was going to dress as Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and he needed a Wonka Bar complete with a golden ticket to complete his outfit.
At first I was thinking of wrapping a chocolate-bar-sized piece of wood, but I thought this would be too heavy. So I looked around for some cardboard, and found a box for a computer keyboard that was being thrown out at work. I realised that this would be perfect for an oversized chocolate bar!
Here's how to make your own Wonka Bar!

1. Cut a keyboard box in half and push one half into the other. Or cut up a larger box and fold and tape it to the size you want

2. Cover the box in gold wrapping paper, just like wrapping a present, and tape in place

3. Take a couple of pieces of purple A4 paper or card, and wrap these round the box, taping in place

4. Look online for some ideas of lettering to use on your Wonka Bar. Print these out to use as a template, or draw your own lettering, and cut out of coloured card

5. Glue the lettering and any other decoration you want onto the purple card

6. Cut a rectangle of gold card, cutting the shorter sides with pinking shears or deckle-edged scissors

7. Stencil the lettering onto this golden ticket, with a permanent pen

8. Slide the golden ticket under the purple card with a little sticking out, so you can produce it dramatically!

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