19 September 2019

Recently thrifted

The coat and t-shirt I bought to wear to Amélie the Musical were my last charity shop splurge before I started a clothes spending freeze. I'd seen the coat the previous week, and decided not to get it because I planned to wear my bright green one. But it preyed on my mind, that perfect Amélie trench coat in olive green with a slight sheen, and, when I went to get it, it had been reduced from £12.99 to £6.49! I'll show you more photos from my Amélie photo shoot soon!
Shortly before that I'd bought these other items in a couple of charity shops. The bedding is in an amazing Hollie Hobbie style print, and I've already made myself some pyjama shorts from it (resuming my attempt at working my way through the sewing book Love at First Stitch) which I'll show off soon.

In the same shop I got this pair of cloisonné earrings, which remind me both of the jewellery that was in style when I was in my teens, and of my trip to China where I saw lots of cloisonné.

In that shop I also got a fab rainbow top that I've been wearing loads, the Guide Handbook that will go with my Brownie one and has lots of great illustrations, and the Magpie book of Make and Do.

And finally the vintage necklace was from the charity shop at the end of my street. It cost £4 which was a bit pricier than usual in there, but it's a charity that supports the local community and that I've been on the committee of (although I gave that up earlier this year) so I didn't mind paying that bit extra. It's a similar style to a necklace of my mum's that I've got on long-term loan, but bigger. 

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