29 September 2019

This month I have been mostly...

This month has been all about sustainability. I've been taking part in Secondhand September on Instagram, which was organised by Oxfam to encourage people to shop secondhand for the month rather than buying fast fashion. I went even further by not buying any clothes for the month (and I hope to continue this to the end of the year), only wearing secondhand items, and drawing my outfits in my bullet journal. Shoes were the only exception to this (well, other than underwear and tights!) as I only have one pair of secondhand shoes and didn't want to live in that one pair for the month! But all my clothes, jackets, and accessories have been secondhand. I've never had so many compliments on my clothes in one month before, so it's been a great opportunity to explain the project to people and spread the word about slow fashion!

Also on the sustainability theme, I took part in a free workshop to learn to make baskets from foraged materials, at Lochore Meadows, and I've been making napkins and reusable face cleansing pads, and doing some other sewing projects, all using the thrifted fabrics that just about fill my airing cupboard!

The 100 Day Project Scotland exhibition was held this month, and it was so exciting to be involved. I've displayed a few things before at art college summer school exhibitions, but this felt like my first real exhibition! It was a bit nerve wracking trying to plan my display, and I changed my mind about it a few times, and realised I hadn't printed a couple of the photos with the rest. 

Lots of my viewing has been on a theme of minimalism and sustainability too - I started with the Minimalism documentary, then watched some food documentaries about sustainability, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and Tiny House Nation. I've also watched the flat earthers documentary which was a hoot, the Fyre documentary which was just mad, binge-watched the fascinating Diagnosis, am watching 100% Hotter, and am still working my way through Miss Fisher Mysteries and loving it.

That was all on Netflix, and other than that I came across Icelandic series The Flatey Enigma on BBC Alba (not sure why they stuck it on there, it's got English subtitles not Gaelic ones!), I've been watching the new series of QI, and I saw a fascinating episode of The Sky at Night about finding exo planets! I also finished watching The Vietnam War documentary series, not that I have any more clue now about why it all happened the way it did!

I've been doing a music jar, and the artists this month have included Tanita Tikaram, Don McLean, and Deacon Blue.

Podcasts I've listened to have included DeepMind, The Atomic Hobo, BBC Inside Science, Inner French. Also listened to Max et les Legumes Magiques - but I had to go on Youtube and turn on the French subtitles as it was a bit fast-paced for me! Only problem being that the subtitles are automatic, so not at all accurate!

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