16 September 2019

10 tips for attending your first colour walk

I've been on the In Colourful Company walks in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and here are some of my tips for attending your first colour walk, especially if you are feeling nervous about it!

1. You won’t be the only one on your own

2. Lots of people are just as nervous as you are

3. You can hide behind your camera or phone when feeling anxious

4. You don’t have to wear rainbow stripes all over

5. Everyone’s friendly, so don't be afraid of going

6. It’s not a loud, wild, uproarious group - some people are extroverts, but there are a lot of introverts too!

7. Take a small snack and a bottle of water

8. Take an umbrella (these are great for photos even if it doesn’t rain!)

9. Don't be afraid to ask people's names - they won't mind at all and you'll maybe discover it's someone you already follow on social media!

10. Put some photos on your Instagram stories as you head to the event - it will help other people to find you online and recognise you when they see you!

I hope these tips will help you feel a bit more confident about going on a colour walk for the first time!

I'll leave you with my classic hiding behind the camera pose, photo by @lizharrydesign

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