03 August 2018

Stockbridge Duck Race

I first heard about the annual Stockbridge Duck Race last year, and it was something I had to put on my calendar for this year. Hundreds of numbered rubber ducks are sponsored and thrown off a bridge into a river, in aid of charity, and gathered up further down the river.
I got there with plenty of time to spare, and positioned myself close to the bridge to see the ducks being launched. However, I realised that I wouldn't see much of their journey down the river from there, so I went a little further down where I could still see the bridge (unfortunately walking into a nettle on the way!).
The launch of the ducks happened so quickly that I almost missed it because I was watching a man dressed as a duck in the river! He seems to be the duck master, and there are lots of others who join him in the river to speed the ducks on their way (often by flinging them!).
This was a really fun (if very crowded) event! And, weirdly, I found myself standing about two people away from the same woman I see everywhere, from the Glenrothes walk, to the Meadows Festival and Colonies Yard Sale! That's her in the hat!

1. Wear nettle-resistant clothing
2. Find a spot where you can see in both directions
3. Listen out for the piper
4. Don't get distracted by the man in the duck suit!

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