12 June 2018

Meadows Festival

This was my second year at the Meadows Festival, and I should have taken heed from last year and worn sunscreen and a hat! The weather forecast said it would be a cloudy day, but it turned out just as sunny as it had been in recent weeks, and very, very hot!
It was just as well that there were plenty of food stalls about where I could get lovely fresh juices, and gelato. And a bratwurst to keep me going!
I got some fabulous purchases! I always seek out @poorlittlenell who is one of my Instagram buddies. I just had to get the Blythe dungarees from her, and then spotted the Twinkle badges as well.
I found an amazing set of geometric Russian dolls for just £6. The design seems to evoke all sorts of things from past eras, like the colourful geometric bedding I had in the 80s, old Soviet fabric designs, and the atomic era.

The 50p or £1 tables at some of the stalls are always a favourite for me, and I got a little Japanese cartoon character, a small plate with a vegetable design, and a little amigurumi doll, which also looks Japanese.

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