29 September 2017

This month I have been mostly...

I've started reading the Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers, and I'm really enjoying it! It's a bit like Firefly, with added interesting alien cultures! I finished the first one and immediately had to buy the second one!

I've been watching the Scandinavian series Black Lake, but I'm not really a great watcher of horror so I keep yelling at the characters, "Don't go into the haunted ski-lodge!"

I went to a community information day in my area, and it was a lot of fun, with free stuff and lots of photo opportunities! I've always wanted to take some photos of the mural and other art at the little shopping centreat the end of my street where it was held, but it's not the sort of place you'd normally do that, so this was a great opportunity! I went to see butterflies in St Andrews, and also went into an interesting church there for a look around. I explored the Stockbridge Colonies in Edinburgh for the first time. There was a mocktails event at work one lunchtime, which I really enjoyed. And I've started early on the Christmas shopping by commissioning a couple of things that I'm quite excited about!

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