30 September 2017

#happyseptemberhappyme roundup

At the start of this month, Chrissie (@storiesfromthesummerhouse) and I launched our Instagram challenge, #happyseptemberhappyme. It's been an amazing month and we can't believe how many people have got involved! I really hope that everyone has enjoyed the challenge as much as we have.

When we were chatting at the Edinburgh Blogger Conference, we had the idea that having a collaboration would be a good idea, and this Instagram challenge grew from that seed.

And the challenge has had a positive effect for me! I really do feel that little bit happier and less stressed now than I did at the beginning of the month!
One of the best parts, for me, has been choosing our favourite four photos each week to feature! To give you a bit of an idea of what goes on behind the scenes, we each would choose two favourites on a Friday afternoon, and screenshot them, and one of us would then make the mosaic image of four from these. I think there was often an overlap in which pictures we both liked, because often Chrissie would send me images that I had been thinking of choosing myself! Head over to the #happyseptemberhappyme hashtag to find out who took all these wonderful photos featured, and much more!

Another thing that we tried to do was to comment on every photo in the hashtag - but I must apologise if I've missed a few! There were so many photos to keep up with! I think that commenting on so many photos has helped me to be more confident about interacting with people on Instagram, so I'll be doing a lot more commenting in general in future!

It's been an amazing month, and I'm so happy that so many people have got involved! I've made lots of new Instagram friends and I look forward to seeing their future photos. In fact, in the middle of the month I started following a whole load of people from the hashtag, because I had a moment of panic about no longer seeing the photos of these people who had become such a big part of my Instagram life!
To finish off, here are my favourite photos from my own personal #happyseptemberhappy me!

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