25 September 2017

Tassel earrings

Tassel earrings are big at the moment - in both meanings of the word! I'd always loved those worn by interior designer Sophie Robinson, and, after also seeing them crop up lots of other places, I finally decided to make my own large tassel earrings. And the great thing is that you can make a pair to match any outfit, at short notice! Or make them to match your nail varnishes, like I have done!
I had previously made earrings using small tassels, made by winding thread around a fork, but larger tassels require a different technique. Luckily I had just been watching Craft it Yourself, where they showed how you can make them from a skein of embroidery thread, so I adapted this technique to make a pair of earrings from a skein.
It's handy if you have two skeins of the same colour, because you can start straight away without taking any off to use as winding thread. Or you can use a contrasting colour like I did with the silver thread.

1. Pull the paper wrappings towards the centre of the skein, and put a large jump ring at each end. You can make your own jump rings from wire if you don't have any large enough.

2. Wind a piece of thread around each end, making sure that you cover up the end of the thread. Once you have enough, secure the other end using a needle.

3. Now the fun part - cut the thread at the middle of the skein, then take off the paper!
4. If you like, you can use a needle to separate the threads. This makes the tassel look fuller.
5. Add an earring wire to each tassel, and your earrings are complete!

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