23 September 2017


I recently popped along to Cupar to have a look at a place called Scaramanga, which I'd found out about when googling local places that sell vintage and antique items, and it's actually quite topical at the moment because a lot of their items have been used in the film Victoria and Abdul which is out at the moment.
Scaramanga is in a unit on an industrial estate, and at first I ended up going into the wrong industrial estate as there are two right next to each other! But it didn't take me long to get to the right place.
On going into Scaramanga, there is an area with all sorts of little items, and I was particularly interested in the wooden stamps. There were some in floral and heart designs, and some letter stamps. I decided to get a set of five small stamps for £6, which came with a little handmade bag (you could choose which stamps and bag you wanted). I also got a heart shaped one, and a keyring with a satchel-shaped purse on it. They do leather bags as well.
While I was browsing, I was asked if I wanted to have a look through in the warehouse. This is stacked high with all sorts of things - wooden trunks and cabinets, mirrors, wooden printers' trays, signs, etc. The owner goes across to India each year and sources everything there. Through this side things didn't all seem to have prices on them, but I later discovered that you can find all the prices on their website. There is some stuff that is way too expensive for my budget, but there are smaller things that are more affordable.

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