20 September 2017

Living room makeover complete

I promised some photos of my living room once I had added the finishing touches, and I've now finally got round to taking some photos of it in its finished state! 
I had ordered a single sofa-bed-chair to replace the futon that I had before. I realised that if I had visitors they could sleep in the double bed upstairs and I could use the sofa bed! This was ordered from Made.com, and I liked the style of it which fitted well with the mid-century look of some of my other furniture. There was a bit of a problem with the delivery, since I'd paid extra for a Sunday delivery, but when the delivery company got in touch they said they do not do that in my area (which is not exactly remote!). I was a bit annoyed about this, and almost cancelled the order altogether because of it, but my dad house-sat so it all worked out OK!
I've also added the book frames on the wall, and changed the throws around a bit - the grey throw is almost exactly the same shade as the chair, and it disguises the black back of it.

I'm really loving having this chair, rather than the futon which made a fantastic bed but was not at a good height for sitting on. The chair now tends to be my seat of choice whenever I arrive home.

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