07 May 2017

Sunday self-portraits: Selfie, selfie

On a recent trip to Dundee I happened upon a jumble sale which was happening in a church. I got 4 pieces of clothing for only £1 each, and three of those still had the labels on - including this Disney t-shirt! 
I spotted this hanging on the rail and it really made me smile, because I do take a lot of self-portraits and thought this would be perfect to wear for a photo shoot. I did wonder whether it would fit me properly, as it was a size smaller than I usually wear, but at £1 I couldn't argue! And it really made people smile (in a nice and enthusiastic way) when they saw me carrying it at the sale.
Later in the day I bought a grey pleated jersey skirt which goes perfectly with the t-shirt. For the photos I just had to wear a Snow White inspired hairband and red lipstick (although it's a colour that doesn't do my teeth any favours!). I'm looking forward to the next dress-down day at work so I can wear this t-shirt then!

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