08 May 2017

College card designs

I’m currently doing the TUC Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety at Fife College on Wednesdays. Just outside my classroom I spotted a poster for a card design competition, and it was open to all students, not just full time ones, so I just had to enter! Also the idea that the competition was about finding cards that are much more creative and original than commercially produced ones can often be, which appealed to me because I enjoy making cards that are original.
The cards were for “care-experienced students”, and I had to google that as I thought it was either those studying childcare, or who were caring for a relative. But it’s actually those students who have been in foster care or care homes. So it’s a really good idea – the college will give them cards to wish them luck in their exams or new home, since some of them may not have many relatives who would do so.
There were five categories of cards that they were looking for:
Good luck in your exams
Happy Birthday
Season’s Greetings
Congratulations on your graduation
New Home
Since there was nothing to say you couldn’t, I entered all five categories! But my favourite designs are the exam and graduation cards. I think if I’d had more time I’d have worked more on the others. I used bright and pastel colours to give a bit of a 1980s look.

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