05 May 2017

Verdigris earrings

I recently popped in to a shop called Joe (aka Joe Cool) in Edinburgh. This is a fun little jewellery shop just next to Greyfriars Bobby, and it's been there forever (or at least since the 70s). This is a shop I've loved since I first visited it in the 80s.

At the moment they are doing little mystery bags, at £1 or £2. I thought it would be fun to treat myself to a £2 bag and see what I got. As well as some other items (a bangle, ring, bracelet and necklace), I got these earrings in the bag.
I knew that some of the items in the bag might not be quite to my taste, so I had in mind that I could do something creative with them. When I saw these bronzey coloured earrings I liked the shape, but felt a bit meh about the colour. So I attacked them with spray paint and came up with this verdigris effect that is really easy to do!

1. Cover the earring posts with masking tape.

2. Support a dowel or kebab stick between a couple of tins, and place the earrings on this.

3. If your earring are not coppery or bronzey to begin with, spray paint them all over and leave to dry.

4. Using a duck-egg blue or mint spray paint, spray the bottom half of the earrings, adding as little or as much paint as you like. And if there are a few splodges, all the better!

I wonder what other creative ideas I can come up with for the other jewellery items from the lucky bag!

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