17 May 2017

Shopping for pins

Enamel pins are my new obsession! They’re small, so I don’t need a lot of space to store them, they’re fairly inexpensive, so I can afford to treat myself to quite a few, and they go with almost any outfit!
So how do you find pins and what are the best places to shop for them?

I started off my pin collection by browsing Etsy. You can just search for “enamel pin” and browse all the results, or you can narrow it down by adding another keyword (cat, for example). Postage on pins from outside your own country can sometimes be expensive, so you can either narrow your search to items only from your country, or check the postage price before adding a pin to your wishlist.

Some of the sellers that I love on Etsy are:

Instagram is another great place to discover pin designers. If you search for tags like #pingame, #pingamestrong, #enamelpin, #pincollection, you will find some great photos of pins and usually the designers are tagged. And once you start following some of these pin collectors and designers that will lead to more and more!

And, of course, if you have some lovely independent shops locally you can find pins there. I like Hannah Zakari and The Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh.

Most designers who are not on Etsy accept PayPal, so it’s always quick and easy to buy pins, and it’s a great way of cheering yourself up! And, unlike my other frequent small treats to myself of nail varnish and chocolate, there's no risk of damaging my nails or putting on weight!

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