15 May 2017

How to wear pins

The great thing about enamel pins is that there are so many ways of wearing them! Here are a few of the ideas that I’ve either tried or seen other people wearing.

I’ll start off by talking about the ways you can wear them on your clothing, then move on to how you can wear them on your accessories too!

Denim jacket

This is the classic way of wearing pins! You can either have a few on the pocket or collar, or go all-out and cover the whole jacket with hundreds of pins!


I’m on the lookout for a denim waistcoat to wear my pins on, but in the meantime I’m using this little grey one that I found for £1 in a jumble sale!

Jacket lapels

This is a great way of adding a fun touch to anything from a denim jacket to a smart suit jacket.


I wear a cardigan nearly every day, so this is my go-to way of wearing pins!

Shirt collar

This looks especially good if you have two matching pins, or pins on a theme. And if you're worried about making holes, use a shirt that already has buttonholes in the collar.


This is a great way of wearing pins in the winter time, and I’ll have to hope that I can get Hello Sunshine’s scandi style jumper pin for next winter to wear in this way!

Dungarees or dungaree dress

Another classic way of wearing pins. You can wear them on the pocket, across the top above the pocket, or on the straps! This is one of my favourite ways of wearing pins!

And now here are a few ideas of how you can wear your pins on accessories.


Whether it’s a handbag or a tote bag, this is a great place to wear your pins. I prefer to only wear them on fabric or jelly bags, because I’m afraid of making holes!


Pins are a great fun way to brighten up your ID badge lanyard at work!


I hope I've given you some ideas of how you can wear your pin collection!

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