19 May 2017

Pin banner

Once my pin collection started growing uncontrollably, I needed to find new ways of displaying and storing them. So I made this pin banner, in a matter of minutes!

1. Cut a rectangle of fabric, about 60x20 cm or whatever size you like.

2. Fold in half, and cut the open corners off to form a peak

3. Turn inside out, and sew around, leaving about an inch at one side at the top, and a few inches at the other.

4. Clip the corners, then turn the right side out through the larger hole.

5. Top stitch around, leaving about an inch at each side so the dowel will fit in.

6. Check that the dowel will fit in, and pin next to it then remove it.

7. Sew along this line.

8. Insert the dowel.

9. Take a piece of string and tie the ends of this to the ends of the dowel.

Unfortunately my banner has filled up so quickly that I’ll soon have to make another! To save on storage space you can hang the banners one behind the other.

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