01 March 2017

10 years of emuse: Nail art

This was one of the fun little projects I did to celebrate my blog’s 10th anniversary. It was inspired by my blog’s banner, which I had re-created as a big paper wall display to celebrate, and also by the painted triangle on my bedroom cupboard.
I painted a base of a couple of layers of grey (I had to run out and buy this colour immediately when I had this idea!). 

I then used nail tape to mark off the triangles – this was a real pain as I had to cut 30 lengths of tape, and it is really thin and fiddly! 

After putting this on my nails (which was again very fiddly) I painted inside the triangles with white nail varnish. This was not very opaque so even after a few layers it was still a little streaky.
Finally I added the lettering to my left hand using a thin brush. This was difficult enough, so I didn’t do the same on my right hand!
I got a lot of people at work  and elsewhere asking about what the lettering was, so it was fun to tell them about my blog’s anniversary!

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