26 February 2017

10 years of emuse: Today is my bloggiversary!

I can’t believe that ten years have gone by since I started my blog!
Of all the celebrations I’m doing for my bloggiversary, I’m most excited by this big paper wall-art display that I created in the shape of my blog header!

At first I was just going to create the emuse bunting to use as a photo prop. This was the very first idea that I had for my blog’s 10th anniversary – take some photos with me holding an emuse banner. I was going to use a fabric one that I use on craft stalls, but I didn’t think it would stand out well in the photos so I started on a larger one made from card then I realised I could put it up on the wall. Once I had the banner idea, I then thought of adding the little bird from my blog header. I wanted to hold this above my head because in the original collage it was sitting on someone’s head! From there it was a small step of the imagination to add all the other elements like the Japanese doll and craft materials.

Luckily I had some free wall space in my craft room, and that wall just happened to be almost the same colour as I had used in the original collage I created as the blog header, so it seemed like fate!
I cut all the pieces from white card, added coloured card for some of the elements, and embossed some pieces to match the collage I’d made 3 years ago. I braided some thin string to make the cord for the bunting. The only thing I had to buy was the blu-tak to attach it all to the wall.
I did intend the display to just be a short-term thing, but I love it so much that I think I’m going to leave it up for the whole year (even if the blu-tak does stain the wall!).


Claire (G is for Gingers) said...

Wow 10 years of blogging is impressive - good on you! I love the banner you've made too. You've made me want to create something similar <3

Gisforgingers xx

Emma said...

Thanks, Claire, and I look forward to seeing it if you do!

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