25 February 2017

10 years of emuse: Shrink plastic bunting necklace

Here’s another little project I did to celebrate my blog’s 10th anniversary – a shrink plastic necklace in the shape of the bunting from my blog’s header! I was then able to wear this when taking photos to celebrate my bloggiversary.
1. Test shrink a piece of the shrink plastic, to work out what amount it shrinks by

2. Decide what size you want the triangles to be, then make them bigger by the amount determined by the test piece

3. Draw the triangles on paper then add the lettering. If you want the shiny side to be the front, make sure to reverse the lettering!

4. Punch holes in the triangles.

5. Cut out the triangles from shrink plastic and trace the lettering onto them with a black pen. Add any decoration you want, and colour in with colored pencil or pen.
6. Shrink the pieces using an oven or hot air gun.

7. Thread thin wire through the triangles, bend into a pleasing curve, and make a loop at each end.

8. Add a chain. Or you could make it with string or thong instead.

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