26 March 2017

10 years of emuse: How to celebrate a bloggiversary

I haven’t really marked my blog’s anniversaries much in the past, but I wanted to make its 10th really special!

Fresh from my success at coming up with lots of ideas for the anniversary celebrations of the school where I work, and having had my Leap Day celebration last year, I began to brainstorm ideas of how I could celebrate my blog’s 10th anniversary. At first I found it difficult, as the only ideas I found online were giveaways and photoshoots, but eventually I came up with lots of other ideas, in fact more than I could actually use, so it really became a month-long celebration!

I thought these ideas could come in handy for anyone else who is celebrating a milestone on their blog.
Posts looking back:
Crafts around the blog’s theme or name:

Blog branding etc:

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