24 March 2017

Veg box

For many years I’ve loved the idea of getting a veg box, but they always seemed too expensive for a single person, and had to be ordered on a regular basis. I just couldn’t justify paying £10 to £15 on a weekly or fortnightly basis, for an amount of veg that would be far too much for me anyway!
That’s why I was so excited when I saw that Greener Kirkcaldy were doing a veg box for just £5.50, and you can order it when you feel like it. Since Kirkcaldy is nearby, I go there quite often (in fact I’m going to college there once a week at the moment), so it’s easy to get there to pay for or collect or return the box. But next time I think I will take a carrier bag so I don’t have to return the box!

I was really excited to discover that the veg was coming from Pittormie Farm, which is where we used to go to pick fruit when I was wee!
I’ve only got the box once so far, but there was enough veg in it to do me for about 3 weeks! In the box were a leek, two onions, five dirty carrots, a large turnip, four parsnips, a bag of kale, and eight potatoes.
I made lots of interesting dishes, but I think the best one I did was roasted root vegetable fajitas. I roasted the veg with some oil and spices including paprika and cumin, and served this with wraps and some homemade guacamole, sliced red onions, lime slices, some mashed beans, coriander leaves, chimichurri sauce, and hot sauce.

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