27 March 2017

New car

Last month I decided it was finally time to get a new car. My purple Ford Ka had been on the go for 10 years, so I was ready for a change. I had a look at all the small cars on the market and finally decided on a Kia Picanto.

It was strange at first driving my new car, as I've only driven Ford Kas for the past 17 years. But I quickly got used to it.

It's got lots of features that I really love. My phone is connected by bluetooth so I can play music from my phone, or make and answer calls (not that I've tried that yet) and there are controls on the steering wheel for the stereo.

White is the basic colour that the Kias come in, and I liked it best of the colours available. It's a lot less easy to spot in a car park than a purple Ka, though, so I have to make a mental note of exactly where I have parked!

A couple of the features that I really love are the automatic headlights, and the reversing sensor. I also like that it shows you how many miles you can go before having to get more petrol. The only things I miss about my old car are the heated windscreen and the intermittent back wiper (the new one is either on or off), but there is a good demisting system that helps clear the windscreen, and the front wipers have a variable speed.

I haven't found the best spot for Bagpuss yet, though - he keeps taking a nose-dive into the passenger seat!

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