18 February 2017

Plant pins

Since I've become a bit of a crazy plant lady over the past few years, this set of three pins from OH NO Rachio were a must-have! I've been looking after a whole greenhouse full of plants at work for 20 years, but it was only a few years ago I decided to have a go at caring for some plants at home, after assuming I'd forget to water them and they'd die! I'd really been fancying some cactus-themed jewellery recently, and in this set there's a succulent, a cactus, and a pilea (not a plant I was familiar with, but it looks pretty cool with its round leaves). I had already got her amazing moon phase pin last year (because it reminds me of a bit in one of my favourite films - the Japanese film After Life).
Now I just need to decide which outfit to wear these with first! I love that there are three of them, because pins look their best in groups of three!

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