19 February 2017

10 years of emuse: Then and now Sunday self-portraits

One of the fun things I decided to do for my blog's 10th anniversary was to re-create the main photo of myself that I use on my blog and as my profile picture on all my social media.
The original photo, and the others I took in the same photoshoot, were taken 3 years ago this month, just before I did a major redesign on my blog.

Luckily I still had the same top and cardigan and the letter E that I used in the original photos, and they had been taken just outside my back door in front of the harled wall so that was easy to re-create (although I probably should have stood further from the wall to get the background blurred to the same extent). All I had to do was to get the pose just right, with the letter E held correctly and exactly the right tilt of my head and expression! I concentrated on re-creating just that one photo from the photoshoot, the one at the top of this post.
It's fun to see how I've changed in just 3 years. My hair is slightly shorter, and much darker. But the main change is in my teeth which are much straighter since I've had braces in the meantime!

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