06 November 2016

Sunday self-portraits: Mini-Me!

I've been showing you some photos from BlytheCon UK 2016 this week, and these are some really fun ones! Because I won the Mini-Me competition!
The idea of the Mini-Me competition was to bring along a doll dressed like yourself. This appealed to me, because it was my reason for getting interested in Blythe dolls in the first place, seeing one that looked just like me!

But since buying that doll, my hair has changed in length and colour! So, just a week before BCUK, I changed my mind about which doll I was going to take, and then decided to give her a bit of a makeover!

Once Enid had her lips carved and some new makeup, it was time to decide on the outfit. I looked through my own wardrobe and my fabric, and found a t-shirt and some fabric that I'd always thought looked similar. I sewed a t-shirt for Enid, then tried to think of what to wear with the t-shirt. I wanted something cute and doll-like, so I went for my red cord dungaree dress (a charity shop find a year or two ago, that has now come into fashion!).

I sewed the matching doll dress from red felt, adding a pocket and some stitching in the same places as the real dress, and some sequins in place of the buttons. Then I dressed her in tights and shoes that were similar in colour to some I had in human size! I added a red bead necklace to match one I had, and decorated a large hair slide for myself using Sharpie markers, to match a small one that I put in Enid's hair.
I also quickly made a matching outfit for one of my Petites, so that my mini-me had her own mini-me (unfortunately I didn't have one with matching hair!).
I think the main thing that won the prize for me, though, was the fact my dress had a pocket on the front where I could carry Enid around with me! This meant that lots of people saw us in our matching outfits!
Eventually the time came for all the mini-me contestants to get up on stage. There were some great outfits, especially the girl I was speaking to who had a broken leg and had made a matching stookie and crutches for her doll! You can see the video here.

The votes were counted, and in the end there were only one or two votes between the top two contestants. I was delighted to be the winner! I won a human-sized BCUK t-shirt, a Blythe-sized one which should arrive soon, and a mini shopping trolley!

I think the most amusing part of the day was after I'd been using the photo booth, and I nearly walked away with a red feathery head-dress on. The guy running the photo booth reminded me I was wearing it, and said he didn't want me to walk away with it on and get embarrassed. I replied, "I'm a grown woman walking around with a doll dressed like me - I don't think there's any embarrassment factor!"

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