08 November 2016

Cinque Terre shed makeover

Facebook and my 5-year diary kept reminding me that last month was the anniversary of my trip to Tuscany and the Italian Riviera. One of my favourite parts of that holiday was the day spent in the Cinque Terre. I took lots of photos there, particularly of doors! I loved the bright colours, the slightly peeling paintwork, and the little details.
The real Cinque Terre

My touch of Cinque Terre

To celebrate, one year on, I decided to add a touch of the Cinque Terre to my shed! This took only minutes, but brings a smile to my face every day when I see it.
I drew two yellow hearts on the door using chalk, attached a donut bead using string, and placed a heart-shaped bead on the windowsill that I'd found on a beach in Italy.
The changes may not be long-lasting (the chalk will eventually wear off and the string will rot), but I like the idea of impermanence, and I can always decorate it differently in a few months time. And it makes me realise that my shed will look even better when the paint peels, because it will look more like the doors I saw on holiday!

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