04 November 2016

BlytheCon UK 2016 purchases and prizes

I came home from BlytheCon UK with loads of stuff! There were some bits and pieces in the goodie bag, I bought loads, and I won a couple of things too!
Two of my favourite stalls were close together in the hall - Dutch Blythe Fashion and WoolyRockers, and I spent most of my money at those two stalls! They were quite reasonably priced, and I love the style of the clothes. The little pink crocheted top and hair flowers were a raffle prize, and I also won the BCUK t-shirt and the mini shopping trolley in the mini-me competition (which I'll tell you all about soon!).
I fell in love with the blue birdies dress, but didn't think I'd be able to afford it after buying loads of other stuff. But when I counted up my money to see what I could afford instead, I realised I had just enough! I only had 50p left over, and that was when I discovered a stall right in the corner with some great bargains, so I was able to spend my 50p on a leather waistcoat!

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