03 November 2016

BlytheCon UK 2016 Fashion design competition

One of the parts of BlytheCon UK I really enjoy is the fashion design competition. I love making outfits for my dolls, and it's fun to display one of my creations in the competition.
The brief was to create an outfit that was mostly or completely tartan. I used a pastel tartan fabric from an old dress, as the only other tartan I had was ribbon. I made a basic dress then added lots of details - lace edging, ric rac braid, and a cameo on the dress, a matching tartan hat, an apron embroidered with heather, a felt bag with a thistle embroidered on it, a felt cover for the base of the stand, and the finishing touch, made at the last minute, was her pet Nessie!
I was pleased that this time the outfit did not have to be displayed on a headless doll, as that doesn't really show the clothes at their best! But I did have to display it on a different doll from the one it was designed for, because it had to be a stock doll. But I think it looked just as good on Jemima as it did on Sakura.

The competition entries this time were housed on a table in a separate room from the main hall, which at first meant I felt that some people may miss them, but I think eventually most people had been through there.
The entries for the competition were all amazing. I didn't win the competition, but I was consoled by the fact that the vote was very close (only one or two votes in it). And I certainly had a lot of lovely comments about my doll's outfit, and especially her pet Nessie!

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