27 November 2016

Sunday self-portraits: GHS dress

A few months before the school anniversary I started scouring the shops for something fitting to wear. I've often admired the dresses that our rector finds in the school colours, so I decided to look for something in those colours (black, red and yellow). 
This dress, which I found in a charity shop, was the closest I could find - it has beige instead of the yellow, so I added some yellow accessories including a heart pendant and a school house badge.
I liked the fact that the dress has quite a funky pattern on it, because that reminded me of the patterned curtains that used to be in the school hall (a completely different pattern, but it has something of the same retro feel to it). The dress is also quite a cosy velvety jersey material, so I knew it would be suitable for wearing in November, even though the weather was far too warm to wear it at the time I bought it!

And it worked very well with the photobooth props I made!

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