22 November 2016

GHS 50: Photobooth props

I wasn't part of the group responsible for organising the photobooth for the school's anniversary celebrations, but I had some ideas for props during the October hols and just went ahead and made them, hoping they wouldn't clash with what anyone else was making!
I initially thought of making them from painted cardboard, but didn't have any pieces of cardboard big enough, so thought I'd have to wait until I got back to work and got hold of some big boxes. But then I remembered I had some foam board - A3 sheets of black, and A2 sheets of white.

I drew templates on paper first, then drew round them onto the foam board and cut them out with a craft knife. I added the coloured details using red and yellow card, which I stuck on with plenty of PVA glue. For the Instagram-style frame I wrote on the white foam board using Sharpie markers.
I also remembered that I had a little blackboard in the shape of a speech bubble that could be used as a prop.

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