30 November 2015

This month on emuse

I got a bit ahead of myself, and had all of November's posts written and scheduled by the time I went on holiday on the 24th October! This means that there has been a bit of an autumn theme going on this month.

Autumn leaf filter
Sunday self-portraits: Autumn Leaves
Stones of Falkland
Autumn in Falkland
Glenrothes in Autumn
Mushroom spotting

Preparing for my holiday (which was why I wanted to get a bit ahead on the blogging) meant I had holidays on my mind:
Identifying your holiday photos
Holiday reading
Holiday memories: Maiko of Kyoto

I had a day in Glasgow last month with an arty theme, and some of my purchases led on to a craft project:
The Nature of Art Nouveau
Glasgow arty purchases
Cat-ear face stamps

And there were a few other random things:
Library books
Sunday self-portraits: Sarah Lund
Recently thrifted

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