13 November 2015

Library books

I'm involved in the campaign to save my local library, somewhere that I borrow books from regularly. I thought it would be fun to show you what interesting books I've been finding there recently.
I'm working on a project that involves comic strip type art, so I got these to see if they would give me any new ideas.

I love browsing the craft section, and this book on Papercutting was one I hadn't seen before, and it's an art form I love. The book on creativity is the second one on that subject I've borrowed recently - it's not that I have any problem being creative, but I just thought they would be interesting to read.

This book had some interesting hairstyles.

Taking Tea in the Medina was a lovely cookbook with amazing pictures. And I've made chutney recently so I decided to borrow this Dorling Kindersley book on Preserving - it's given me loads of ideas!

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