01 December 2015

Travel memories: Hearts of Italy

This month I'm hoping to bring you a lot of photos from my holiday in Tuscany and the Italian Riviera at the end of October. Today I'll begin by showing you a theme that developed in my photos - I kept finding hearts everywhere, even though I wasn't looking for them, and when I got home and looked through my photos I found many more that I hadn't noticed at the time!

Santa Margherita Ligure hearts (it took me a few minutes to realise this was advertising the town itself, not a live show about Mr Claus!)

Can you spot the heart?

My initials and a heart on a cactus (it wasn't me!)

Door with hearts

Sacred heart

Heart on a padlock

Emergency heart

 Star and hearts

Railings in an almost heart shape

A heart along the path

Heart on a tree

Hanging hearts

Heart graffiti

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